Sod was raised in a relatively mild-mannered wood genasi family in the woods far to the east of the Southron Lands. For generations, Sod's family has cultivated weapons grown from the very woods in which they lived, a careful process that takes a great deal of attention and is done with meditative focus. Although not well known by name, due to the humble nature of his community, the weapons produced in his familial grove have earned an impressive reputation for sturdiness, reliability, and impeccable craftsmanship. While Sod’s family has never taken up arms themselves in any sort of organized, martial fashion, they nonetheless take a great deal of pride in the work of their hands, choosing to believe that their weapons are always deployed in self-defense, of either one’s one self or one’s own people. Their connection with the earth runs deep, and through this recognize that conflict is one turn of the wheel of a peaceable society.

Sod, a rambunctious youth, never quite fit in with his family. The wood genasi family of which he is a part is generally open and accepting but nonetheless is driven by rather stoic and conservative values, privileging family, tradition, craft, and above all, peaceful coexistence with nature. Sod, a loud, gregarious youth, more interested in a good story and meaty pun than the stolid assessments of recent rainfall and preparations for the upcoming harvest, found himself often at the outskirts of conversations. Despite an intense desire for the community that seemed to be proffered by his village, he was never quite able to find his way in, no matter how good his card tricks. He gamboled and jape through most of his youth, but knew that his life was meant for something different.  

For Sod, this disjunction between the perceived comfort of his upbringing and his yearning for an outside became increasingly difficult to reconcile when, as he moved into his adolescence, he began to realize that his connection with nature went beyond the demi-religious and traditional and in fact manifested in his realization that he was intrinsically entwined with what others about the world call “wild magic.” His first encounters with magic were haphazard and uncontrolled – an unexpected fireball here, a little light telekinesis there – which he and his family did his damndest, in a campaign of self-denial, to write off as youthful imagination run roughshod. However, at a certain point, his natural aptitude for magic could no longer remain secret, when, in the midst of a particularly vivid daydream, he inadvertently cast a flaming sphere that engulfed a broad swath of juvenile longspears that his family had been cultivating for 35 harvests.

His family, while supportive of his odd personality and his occasional magical mishaps, grew increasingly wary of the destructive potential of his newfound magical potential. Paired with his temperamental differences, his newfound magical identity proved a particularly challenging obstacle to his fitting in with his community, and while there was never any direct hostility – the wood genasi being a peaceable, respectful people on the whole and his community being a particularly accepting one, all things considered – he nonetheless felt the pressures of being different compounding. His outgoing nature never quite fit in, and once word spread of his “condition,” he found it ever more difficult to find his way within his society. Despite the pressures of his community, he nonetheless found the time to practice his newfound abilities, seeking out secluded glens in which he could attempt to cultivate his magical abilities, with dead saplings suffering the brunt of his early attempts at reigning in his power. It was in one of these arboreal hideouts that he first discovered his ability to summon Frank, his stalwart hedgehog companion, with whom he shares a strong bond of friendship.

When Sod reached late adolescence, he knew it was time to leave, and he took it upon himself to seek out the broader world beyond his coniferous confines. Choosing a prime shortspear from the latest harvest, and gaining the reluctant support of his parents, he made his way shortly to Pole by way of his affability and impressive intuition for navigating local taverns in search of adventures large and small.

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