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Herein is chronicled the adventures and world of the Silverwolf Wardens Dungeons and Dragons Adventuring Company.


The Quartermaine-Schoenberg Conflict


Episode I: Epiphany


The Silverwolf Wardens Mercenary Company

The Breakwater Furries

  • Lucifer Sam
  • Milton
  • Tortuga
  • Brand

The Holy Orders

    • Carson Warde
    • Pierre Quartermaine

High House Warde (Ancestral Seat: Westwatch)

  • Lord Caedmon Warde
  • Lady Greta Warde (née Tarkin)
  • Carson Warde - Caedmon's younger brother; member of the Holy Orders
  • Sable Warde - Caedmon's daughter; novitiate of the Order of Zophiel
  • House Hallek (Ancestral Seat: Gullwing)
  • House Greenhill (Ancestral Seat: The Firstfire)
    • ​Lord Bransworth Greenhill 
    • Eustice Greenhill - Bransworth's aesthete nephew
  • House Morley (Ancestral Seat: The Nighthold)
  • House Westpoole (Ancestral Seat: Lightlake)
  • House Eastpoole (Ancestral Seat: Wellmarsh)

High House Borgia (Ancestral Seat: Sestina Altaforte)

  • House Dagsmaw (Ancestral Seat: Everoath)
  • House Cassetta (Ancestral Seat: Villanelle) 
  • Former House Harlowe (Ancestral Seat: Tessaway Keep)
    • Reginald Harlowe
    • Alphonse Harlowe
    • Gunnar Harlowe
  • House Tarkin (Ancestral Seat: Blackrun Keep)
    • Emilio Tarkin

High House Quartermaine (Ancestral Seat: Breakwater Citadel) 

High House Schoenberg

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A map of the Southron Lands

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